Lendava is geographically most northern and eastern town in Slovenia close to Slovenian-Hungarian and Slovenian-Croatian border. The unique position of the town at the foothills of picturesque vineyards originates from its rich historical role and a profuse cultural image, contributed by inhabitants with the diverse ethnic definition. Based on the city’s cultural tradition there is a multicultural centre which defines the city and also municipality. We must not put aside the sustainability and integrative role of cities in round circle of 100 km, by that we mean Hungary, Austria and Croatia.


You can find more info about natural and cultural heritage:


http://www.lendava-lendva.si/ | http://lendava.si/en |





Lendava in numbers:

Location: eastern part of Slovenia


Surface: 123 km2 (Source: GURS)


GPS: 46°33′47.08″N 16°27′6.43″E


The number of residents 1. 7. 2016: 10.517 (Source: SURS)


Economically active share of the population, January 2016: 39,8 (Source: SURS)


Average gross salary (monthly): 1330,66 euro (2015)


Number of companies: 569


Mura Region

The region of Pomurje is located at the heart of Central Europe, in the northeast corner of Slovenia. Its attractive position − in the north, Pomurje borders to Austria, in the east to Hungary, and in the south to Croatia, has always been connecting this region in close economic, developmental and cultural bonds with the neighbouring countries.


The region of Pomurje is the flattest region in Slovenia, crossed by many important international transport routes.


10% of all the guests visiting Slovenia spend a night in Pomurje, positioning it as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. The diversity of the landscape and unspoilt nature provide visitors with the opportunity for relaxation and well-being as well as sports and recreation.




Facts about Pomurje

Location: Northeastern Slovenia

Area:1,337 km


Towns in the region: Murska Sobota, Lendava, Gornja Radgona, Ljutomer

Number of companies: 1,669

GDP: Gross value added of total in Slovenia – 3.8% (2009)

Average gross salary in the region: €1,325

GDP added by activities (of all activities in the region)

griculture: 7.2%

Industry: 32.7%

Services: 60.2%




The unique position is defining Lendava in its culture, languages and the way of thinking and living. Based on the city’s cultural tradition, rich history, multicultural aspect Lendava is a typical example, where United Europe project easily finds its place.


How to reach us:


By car:


From Ljubljana (SLO): highway: Ljubljana – Celje – Maribor-Murska Sobota – exit Lendava


From Zagreb (CRO): highway: Zagreb- Varaždin – exit Čakovec, towards Mursko Središče, Lendava


From Gaz (AUT): highway: Graz – Maribor- Murska Sobota – exit Lendava


From Budapest (HU): highway: Budapest – Nagykanizsa – Pince – exit Lendava


Airport distance:


Lendava – Maribor (SLO): 80 km

Lendava – Ljubljana (SLO): 200 km

endava – Graz (A): 135 km

Lendava – Zagreb (CRO): 142 km

Lendava – Budapest (HU): 260 km