One of the biggest attractions of the area is a rich culinary offer. Because people in the countryside predominantly farmed animals in the past, we can safely say that traditional cuisine is predominantly food of farmers and winegrowers. One of the most recognizable local specialties is bograč (a special type of goulash).

The specialty of our cuisine is the interconnection of Prekmurje and Hungarian culinary tradition, where you can be served with prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layer pastry), dödöli (potato dish), tünka meat (meat in minced lard), bujta repa (sour turnip hot pot or pork with pickled grated turnips), retaši (special kind of strudel) etc. You can also choose between various inns that can satisfy every individual culinary taste.

Culinary events in Lendava and its surroundings take place all year round. The most important among them are Bogračfest (goulash festival) – the biggest competition in cooking bograč, and Lendava wine harvest, which presents traditional folk customs in wine harvesting with a full-day accompanying program.